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omg! i dont see y people hate spam so much. i find it so funny!

asshatclock responds:

this is not spam, this is a great flash animation.


i love that song too. got it on my mp3 player.

sweet mindchamber. bloody awesome. goes so well wit the music.


...it werent too bad for a first flash! only problems are:

.the music kept stopping and u had 2 w8 ages 4 it 2 come back on again.
.there was no sound fx.
.and the start was 2 long.

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Great game :D

Fun to play and can be pretty funny sometimes. I think it's definitely the best game I've ever played of this kind of genre (bike riding games, or whatever you call them; they don't really have a name...)

The one problem I do have with it though is the site you are hosting the full game on. It just refuses to load. I got the game's main menu up twice and both times it stopped working after that. It's absolute shite. And for that, I'm going to give you an 8/10. I would have given you a ten if you had of just put the full thing on Newgrounds. Shame really...


Check out mine 2~w_w:575.05,358.25|w_w:746.65,358.3|
w_w:575.05,235.05|w_w:746.65,233.3|fl _w:660,168.3|w_w:575,101.65|w_w:745,1 01.65|f_w:661.7,406.65|f_w:665,391.65 |c_q:665.05,343.35|c_k:656.7,128.3|fl _w:660,34.9|w_w:621.7,-31.7|w_w:691.6 5,-31.65|p_t:656.65,-118.35|p_s:566.7 5,1.55|p_s:753.4,1.7|c_n:591.55,-8.35 |c_n:723.35,-6.6|c_s:656.7,-5|w_w:315 ,361.65|w_w:458.3,360|fl_w:390,290|w_
w:356.65,223.3|w_w:418.35,225|fl_w:38 1.65,156.65|p_s:288.35,119.95|p_s:301 .65,118.35|p_s:314.9,118.35|p_s:448.3 ,120|p_s:461.65,120|p_s:475,118.35|c_
113.3|w_w:913.4,333.35|fl_w:1006.65,2 66.7|w_w:1096.7,333.35|fl_w:1005,411.
65|fl_w:1005.05,400|p_t:950.05,236.65 |p_t:1065.05,235.05|w_w:1008.3,198.35 |f_w:1005,133.25|f_w:1005.1,123.3|p_t :1005.05,93.3|c_p:1013.35,355|

I was so nearly in the leaderboards!

On the large lab level on casual mode I got 373 kills and 11830 points, when the 50th person had 11940 points. Thats only 110 points behind! And to make it even worse, the only reason I died was becuase I was trying to get the "You Can Shoot Them Too" medal whilst there was like 5 people shooting me. I ended up being dead and going away without the medal.

You probably don't give a shit, but I'm rather pissed off!

Anyway...Great game! Probably the best I have ever played on Newgrounds.

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I dont see why MutantSpider doesn't like it.

I think it has got to be one of your best songs yet. Certainly a 10/10. But I am really stuck on which of your songs I like the most...

Not too bad...

...It's not your best. But thats sort of obvious since it is an old one. But still, it has some good points and bad points. I like the kick, but on some parts I don't think it is loud enough. Anyway... You are probably never gonna see this review because you have so many songs. And I doubt that many other people are gonna see it. So I'm just gonna stop here.


Like everyone here, I got here from "Run Elephant Run". I LOVE this!
5/5 10/10

Kr1z responds:

Run Elephant Run = WIN

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I beleive you drew this one

It's good, but I have seen better. Soon I will upload some of my pictures.

Are you sure ou drew this?

My uncle Simon drew one exactly the same, except it had a background behind it (skulls on the floor and a cloudy sky with a large moon). I know he drew it because I have seen the original he drew with pencil. I also have a photocopy of it in my room. I don't think he copied it from anywhere, and he definately didn't trace it. I have seen some of his other drawings and he is the best artist I know (and before you say he might of traced it or whatever, I have watched him draw with nothing to copy from an he is awesome)

I know it seems like I'm slacking you off, but the way you talk about how you didn't copy things from anywhere sort of adds to the suspicion.

"and its been on many sites, but i am the origanal drawer"

"About my art, Yes some of it is seen on google or what ever sites, but it is to my presumpsion, that i have posted those picture to sites and what not, it is not my fault people steal it and post it to google sites..."

It's still a good picture and that, but I can't help feeling you stole it.

finderr responds:

Well, slot of people that belive in consouctions is like thinking of the same thing, then draw them...and come out the same, but not entierly... But just look the same

And the art stealing thing was for another project that i had to delete and descuss with photoplace... So yea it wasnt rele for my drawings it was for others.

Pretty good for with a mouse

I agree with Fleshlight. It does look like he is moving fast with the blur and everything, but other than that it is pretty good.

Tommy-Gun responds:


Well... I just spent ages changing all of my favourite films, music, games and books e.c.t. just look at that if you want to know stuff about me (By that I mean look at it because it took about 45 minutes to do) I'll update it occasionally...

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