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The lawst news post...

2009-09-09 08:04:10 by alien1248

I'm just adding this news post to get rid of the old one :P

Work Experience

2009-06-17 06:36:23 by alien1248

I am enjoying Work Experience. I am doing Web Design

Happy Easter! I didn't have any time to say it yesterday, so I will say it now.

But to be honest, today feels more like Easter than yesterday did for some reason...

Haha! I love all word changing.

2009-04-01 11:50:42 by alien1248

It's pretty cool how they changed things for April Fools like:
(I will add to the list)

. Newgrounds
. Game
. April
. Stupid
. Movie
. Fools
. It's
: Hate
: Gay
: Crap
: Shit
: Fuck


2009-04-01 11:44:24 by alien1248

At first I was thinking "wtf is going on with al this China stuff".
About 5 minutes after that, I realized it was April 1. Then I felt stupid...

: (

My music

2008-11-21 12:14:07 by alien1248

As I have been banned from submitting my music on Newgrounds, listen to it here.

fake names!

2008-09-23 15:35:37 by alien1248

go here and add as many fake names to it as possible.

i did! (its my school by the way! its not a full list of actual teachers tho, just the ones that have been added)

haha! were not dead!

2008-09-10 13:32:07 by alien1248

the LHC did NOT kill every1 (but i think u knew that) so that means that i was right! and all u lot who thought u were gonna die r wrong. u all owe me £1 million.

nah im just screwin wit ya! (obviously....again) but now were all happy so shut the hell up about it now plz. its so annoyin hearin people sayin "omg! were gonna die in, like a few months/years. nobody wants 2 know. its not gonna happen. get over it.

well....i think i said that pretty well.

...but cmon! who actually beleives it! a load of people at school were talkin about it. sumfin 2 do wit scientists tryin 2 recreate a black hole or sumfin. but u have got 2 b an idiot 2 beleive that! how many times have people predicted it? and how many times has it been right?

but dont worry about it, the chances of it happening are.....ummm... not alot!

>>>plz comment<<<

who on ng is english?

2008-08-25 14:25:37 by alien1248

this aint exactly news, but i wanted 2 get rid of my last post. so.....

.....i just wondered, who on newgrounds is actually english? cuz its an american site (like most things these days) i wanted 2 know.
cud u plz post a comment.

who on ng is english?